Witnessing and Serving God for 185 Years
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
1525 Michigan Avenue      Buffalo, New York 14209

The Lay Organization
Our goal is to help create a cohesive ministry of lay persons as one family.

The Historical Preamble- The A.M.E. Church, whose founders affirmed their humanity in the face of slavery
the Free African Society through the involvement of the AME clergy and lay in the Civil War of the 1860's and
Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, the AMEC has preached salvation from sin and deliverance from
bondage.  The mission expanded o others within the African Diasporas in the Americas, Africa, Caribbean,
and Europe.  Whether in schools, seminaries, hospitals or social service centers, the AMEC has lived the
gospel outside its sanctuaries.  This mandate still informs its ministry, vision and mission in the Church's third
century of existence.

1.  The Mission

2.  The Vision
At every level of the Connection and in every local Church, the AMEC shall engage in carrying                    
out the spirit of the original Free African Society, out of which the AMEC evolved: that is, to seek out            
and save the lost, and to serve the needy.  It is also the duty of the Church to continue to encourage                  
all members to become involved in all aspects of Church training.

3.  The Purpose
The ultimate purposes are:
1) make available God's biblical principles,
2) spread Christ's liberating gospel, and
3) provide continuing programs which will enhance the entire social                                                         
development of all people.

4.  The Objectives
In order to meet the needs at every level of the Connection and in every local Church,
the AMEC shall implement strategies to train all members in:
1) Christian Discipleship
2) Christian Leadership
3) current teaching methods and materials
4) the history and significance of the AMEC
5) God's biblical principles,
6) social development to which all should be applied to daily living

To our Christian family and to those we work alongside, "Good Journey!"

If you'd to like to hear more about our Lay activities, contact us at: layorg@bethelame-buffalo.org
News from the Connection
"Communication is the MAINSTAY of any civilization!"

We, the members of the Connectional Lay Organization, bring forth and live a ministry of service and witness.
Our organization is very similar in make up to the organization of the founding fathers and mothers whose only
dream was that of representation and being a part of the governance of the great Zion. We have awakened to a
heterogeneous area of service and service related demands.

The Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and our ministry must not just be here for a
moment, but we must go beyond the walls of our established circles and comfort zones. This will force us to
take a long hard look at our organization and see if we are up to the challenge.

Moving beyond the walls forces us to become global in our thinking, in our mission, in our ministry, and in our
witness. We are a church of many believers with diverse needs; we are…. "Laity Fulfilling the Great