Historic Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church is the oldest Black religious institution
in the City of Buffalo, NY.  Organized in 1831, she is proud of her history.
Her original site was a station on the Underground Railroad.

Bethel has produced numerous leaders in all aspects of life in the City of Buffalo.  Today,
she continues to let her light shine as she keeps the vision and mission of Bishop Richard Allen, the
founder of our Zion.

God has blessed us with long life and a bountiful history.  
Down through the years, Bethel has enriched it's surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and people of
the community.  Throughout her 182 year history, she has been a strong tower to many, and with
God's help, she will continue to her territory as the Lord allows until
He comes to claim her.
A member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church which is the oldest and largest of
African American  denominations, we are a Connectional Church, with sister Churches, across the
United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and England.  

The Connection is divided into 20 Episcopal Districts. We are a part of the First Episcopal District,
which includes 7 Conferences, Bermuda, Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York,
Philadelphia, and Western New York which we are a part of.

Our Bishop is the Rt. Reverend Gregory G. M. Ingram and our Episcopal Supervisor is
the Reverend Jessica Ingram.  We welcome them to our Episcopal District, Annual Conference and our
Local Church.

Bishop Ingram has distinguished himself throughout African Methodism for his expertise on
Stewardship and Tithing.  He is a dynamic preacher and lecturer who is sought after to speak at
churches, colleges, universities and civic functions.  He has authored a number of publications that are
heralded throughout African Methodism. Included among them are
Equipping the Saints for Service,
The Spiritual Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) Manual for African Methodism: A Textbook for Teaching New
Members and Nurturing Others in the Church, and T
he African Methodist Episcopal Church Pastor's
Journal and Quarterly Conference Record Book

Bishop Ingram holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilberforce University, a Master of Arts degree in
Teaching from Antioch College, a Master of Divinity degree from Garrett Evangelical Theological
Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary.  

Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram is the Episcopal Supervisor for the First Episcopal District
of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
She oversees the work of women in 305 churches. Her responsibilities include working with
the Women’s Missionary Society, the Young People’s Department, Women in Ministry and the Minister
Spouses. She also designs and develops programs for the District.
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Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
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God Our Father! Christ Our Redeemer!
The Holy Spirit Our Comforter! Humankind Our Family!