1525 Michigan Avenue    ~   Buffalo, New York 14209
Office: (716) 886-1650   ~   fax: (716) 886-2311     
Church Office email: bethelbflo@yahoo.com
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bethel is a welcoming house to worship the
Lord.  We are a loving and giving Church, and
we are supportive  of the communities around

Our mission is to care for those in need and to
raise the knowledge of all people in the ways
of Jesus.

We are humble and grateful to God for
allowing us to be His vessels.  We are a
Church without strangers.
Our Worship is a blend of traditional and
We invite you to come to this fountain so
rich and sweet, to worship with us, at our
Savior's feet!
It is our desire to live in the expanded territory
of Spirituality, Worship, Prayer and Praise that
God is indeed blessing us with.  We aim to be
witnesses to the  New Thing He is doing.   
We are living under the protection of freedom
that is provided by His hand.  

Come to Church this week and let God pour a
new praise into your spirit.  You WILL leave
here under the authority of the One who has
enlarged and charged your life with the
commission to seek His fresh manifestation-
something never seen before!  

Bible Study-
(Wednesdays @ Noon & 6:30 pm)

Church School-
Sundays @ 8:30 am

Sunday Worship Service
@ 9:30 am

Our Motto:
God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer,
The Holy Spirit Our Comforter,
Humankind Our Family
Historic Bethel A. M. E. Church is the oldest
Black religious institution in the City of
Buffalo, NY.  Organized in 1831,
she is proud of her history.  
Her original site was a station on the
Underground Railroad.  Bethel has produced
numerous leaders in all aspects of life in the
City of Buffalo.

Today, she continues to let her light shine as
she keeps the vision and mission of Bishop
Richard Allen, the founder of our Zion.

Here at Bethel, the Preached Word of God
teaches believers about discipleship of Jesus

The power of the Holy Spirit fills us until we
make an impact in the world for God.