The Ministry of Women
The Fearful and Wonderful Treasures of God
Sisters Who Are Glorifying God
This is the theme for Women's Day 2014.
Celebrate with your hands, mouths, hearts,
and even your Godly walk with us.
Together, let us give God our highest.

Enjoy the Women's Day Events in Pictures!
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July- Chat N Chew
September- Throwback Thursday Concert
A Community of Black Women that
celebrates everything that makes them
beautiful.  Click on the logo to find out
how to make your black more beautiful.
While this wonderful experience takes place in the
month of August, I believe it is never too late to
take time out to enjoy the presence of the Lord.

It is hard to believe that it has been SIX  years since
the genesis of Praycation, a 31-day journey during
the month of August. The 2014 edition again gives
you an opportunity to pause and reflect. Each day
there is a focus word, a Bible verse or verses to read
and a prayer.

We will also be exploring Praycation as always an opportunity to increase
prayer, praise, silence and study time.  Your daily Praycation opportunity
will appear in the Read section on this site.  A new message will come to
your email inbox. If you do not get it, check your spam folder. Share this
message with others!!

For those of you who are new to the journey, watch the original message
about Praycation to learn more about it.

Be sure to let us know in the comment section on this site that you will be
joining the journey.  Be sure to send someone else this invitation. Subscribe,
it’s free!

Also from Bishop McKenzie, "This is Your Wake up Call"  Devotions from
around the Kingdom of Christ.
          Girlfriends Pray is one of the  fastest
             growing ministries for women of faith.
             Our ministry is designed to encourage,
             inspire, motivate and empower women  
             through prayer.  In less than 3 months, we
             grew from 39 women to several
             hundred praying together on a weekday
             morning teleconference call, and now are
             over 180,000 followers from more than 18
Our mission is to get more women closer to God
through prayer, and the vision is 1 million women
united around the world. We accomplish this through
our daily prayer calls and other virtual and live
initiatives to include:

Girlfriends Pray Breakfast Book Club-
     a weekly virtual topical book discussion

Girlfriends in the Word-
      a quarterly Bible study

Girlfriends Pray Empower Study-
      a live discussion group;

Girlfriends Pray Global-
      live prayer calls with women outside of the
     United States via Skype;

Amigas Pray-
      a weekly prayer call for our Latina girlfriends  
      in Christ;

Girlfriends Pray Live-
       our on-site live events and activities;

Girlfriends Pray Tweet Chat-
       our tweet discussion held every Tuesday at
       9PM about topics concerning women of God;

Girlfriends Pray Real Talk-
       addresses the mental health and well-being of
Taking good care of yourself?           
Get the latest news on how to take
BETTER care of yourself  at the
Black Women's Health Imperative.
October- Steppin in Stilettos Luncheon