Missionary Society
Our "3E" mission of  Expanding, Elevating and Empowering our witness and
fulfilling our call to serve God's Kingdom
Our Ministries
The Ministries of Bethel are constantly changing to meet the needs of our people.
We offer education in the Word and Way of God, our Father, Christ our Redeemer and Man  Brother.  
Our goal is to equip the disciple with the Word preached, the Word written and the Word revealed.

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1525 Michigan Avenue      Buffalo, New York 14209
(716) 886-1650 Phone     (716) 886-2311 Fax    bethelbflo@yahoo.com
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Young Peoples' Division (YPD)
Young Peoples' Division of the Women's Missionary Society (YPD): Walking out our mission under
the pillars of  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship
Lay Organization
The role of the Lay Organization is to keep alive the vision, mission and purpose of the
African Methodist Episcopal Church as it was given to us from Bishop Richard Allen.
Church School
We teach train, nurture prepare and recruit adults and children in God's word for Christian service.
Highlighting that which is essential for effective Christian growth.
Men's Ministry
Men of valor, maintaining and reclaiming their place in the life of worship.  Our men come together to
develop ways and  means to come together implement steps to restore the household in faith and create
a more excellent atmosphere for all men women and children to live a life of worship.
Christian Education
The goal of our Christian Education Department is to equip God's Children for service to Him and for Him.
We inform and transform the people in the image of Christ. We then send them forth  with the purpose of
making a godly impact for Christ on the world.
Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry focuses on the Total Woman; bringing her out of the bondages and bandages of life
and into the beauty and freedom to live and to worship the King of Kings.
Bible Study
We offer General Bible Study as well as Men's and Women's Study groups.  Our classes are held on
Wednesdays at Noon and 6:30pm.